Cannabis Companies With Highest-Paid Executives See The Most Underperforming Stocks

No surprise there. Ganjapreneur report…

A recent survey suggests that cannabis companies with the highest-paid executives tended to underperform over the last year compared to the industry average.

Cannabis companies with the highest-paid executives saw their stock underperform over the last year, according to a survey by Bedford Consulting Group outlined by Bloomberg.

The report analyzed the compensation of 437 executives and 449 board members at 96 cannabis companies and found that Canadian companies Tilray Inc. Acreage Holdings Inc., and Sunniva Inc. had the highest-paid executives in the industry.

Tilray CEO Brandon Kennedy was the highest-paid executive, according to the report, with total compensation of $27.96 million, 97 percent of which was stock shares and options. Acreage’s Brian Mulroney – who served as Prime Minister of Canada from 1984 to 1993 – was the highest-paid director, earning an all equity-based $10.23 million, the report says.

Sunniva employed the highest-paid non-executive board chair or lead director, as Todd Patrick – who left the firm last January – received $1.32 million, 95 percent in options.

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Cannabis Firms With Highest-Paid Executives See Underperforming Stocks


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