More of a, did you know, set of thoughts….

Portugal has introduced medical cannabis legislation, this we knew. What you might not have known is that there is only one lawyer working in cannabis law in the entire country.

In Ireland medical hemp and cannabis clubs operate almost openly without interference from the authorities ( the same, we gather, happens throughout most of the UK) It appears its more about sensible policing and adult behaviour by the clubs and associations rather than politicians actually having a clue what’s going on.

A parliamentary researcher (UK) on the blue side of the fence  informed us that unless there’s a revolt by backbenchers on both sides of the aisle one shouldn’t even think about seeing any legislation in this parliamentary term and maybe not even in the next. It’s all been given over to Brexit business. Interestingly though, there does seem to be support for introduction of medical cannabis legislation amongst some on the Tory back benches. A pyrrhic victory, or should we say, a pyrrhic non victory.

In the UK , medical, maybe, at some time in the distant future. Recreational…Don’t even dare think about it.

France and the UK, both with the highest usage of illegal cannabis amongst European countries will be the laggards in the cannabis regulation game.


More to come today