Cannabis Guide: How to Find the Consumption Method That Suits You

If you’re not entirely familiar with the world of cannabis, it can be a bit dizzying. It seems as though it went from just bongs and tie-dye to a sophisticated market-driven outlet filled with innovation, struggles, and every kind of flavor imaginable. What legalization has done was officially give local governments a way to sustain taxes with a willful product that people can support. With that comes endless experimentation and curiosity within the community–and they’ve come up with some wild ways of consuming cannabis. 

Any way you think would be enjoyable has been done. The options are right in front of you. Here, we’ll go into the details of some of the most popular consumption methods. From there, hopefully, you can pick out what suits you best, for which we took the help of CBD Oil in finding the best consumption methods. Any way you think would be enjoyable has been done. The options are right in front of you. Here, we’ll go into the details of some of the most popular consumption methods. From there, hopefully, you can pick out what suits you best. 


A pipe is the most unassuming form of consumption. You take the buds–those sweet, cultivated, perfect buds–grind it up, pack the bowl, and light it. It’s a simple 3 step process. On top of that, you can find pipes anywhere. You’re not limited to the old tobacco pipes that your grandfather used by the fireplace. 

You can get a hold of an array of different shapes, colors, and designs, all meant to get you higher than giraffe ears. Even better, they’re fairly affordable. If variety is what you’re after, you can get one of those monthly subscription boxes filled with all sorts of goods and accessories. They’re like the makeup ones, but for weed. It’s honestly one of the best ideas. With everything going digital, when’s the last time you were excited to get a package? You’d be well on your way to starting a little pipe collection. 


Some people gravitate towards the classics. That’s no different in the world of cannabis. A good joint is the preferred smoking method of all the old school icons of marijuana. People like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, even the purveyors of the new school Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith, all prefer joints. Why? It’s honestly a personal preference. 

But if there’s one thing that connects all of them is that they all have a tactile fascination with the things they do. It’s the experience of rolling a joint that captivates the creatives and technical alike. You don’t have to be good at it to smoke it. The only requirement is that it holds. But if you want to get the most out of a good joint, a bit of practice will do wonders. 


The bong is a classic hangout staple. It’s where you know you’ve committed to smoking weed. A bong is both beautiful and a bit complex. That doesn’t mean much when it comes to smoking, but it’s features are definitely why they’ve been a fan favorite for so long. A bong is essentially a long, upright pipe with water (or whatever you want) at the base. The bowl stem gets submerged into the water, and the combination of length and fluid cools down the smoke. The upside is that you don’t get all the harshness of a joint. 

You’re not getting all the ash and whatnot. The water essentially cleans the smoke while cooling it. What you get is a clean, pure, and incredibly smooth smoking experience. The only downside to a bong is that you can’t gauge how much you’re taking in outside of the amount of weed you put in the bowl. If you’re a puff-puff-pass individual, you might not be too familiar with the personal effects relative to the amount you pack in the bowl. If you’re a pro at this, you’re fine. You’ve already hit enough bongs to gauge smoke opacity relative to your high. But a beginner might need to experiment a bit. 


Vapes are the future. They’re sleek and compact. You can take them anywhere. They don’t have the classically offensive smell, and you can enjoy them throughout the day without having to bring anyone else into it. Vapes are perfect for a summer day at the beach. They’re perfect for a night out on the patio. Just a few puffs, and you’re good. They’re meant to be discreet and powerful. They’re also good for an insanely long time. 

You can lose one and find it a year later still potent enough to get the job done. You honestly can’t go wrong. But for goodness sake, clean the mouthpiece every once in a while. That’s the only downside. People leave it in their car and share it with other people, and not clean the tip at all. Nowadays, be a bit more vigilant with what you put in your mouth. 

We’ve come a long way with marijuana. It’s amazing to think that there are still pacers all over the world who treat it like it’s a society-destroying super drug. That’s stupid. If you’re lucky enough to be in a place where marijuana is legal, try out all the options. Try edibles. Try teas. Try gummies. Try high-end vapes. Try it all. Enjoy the true freedom of choice. You’re an adult. Have fun. 

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