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“MAPLE” Act Looks To Tackle Cannabis & Border Issues

“MAPLE” Act Looks To Tackle Cannabis & Border Issues

Marijuana Moment write….The new legislation, the “Maintaining Appropriate Protections For Legal Entry Act”, would provide exceptions for conduct that “was lawful in the State, Indian Tribe, or foreign country in which the conduct occurred” or that was “subsequently made lawful under the law or regulation of such jurisdiction,” according to a draft obtained by Marijuana Moment. The bill, known as the MAPLE Act for short—surely a nod to the leaf on Canada’s flag—is being filed on Wednesday by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).

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UK Parliament Votes Down Lamb’s Cannabis 10-minute-rule bill by 66 votes to 52.

UK Parliament Votes Down Lamb’s Cannabis 10-minute-rule bill by 66 votes to 52.

We’ll have a more detailed analysis as soon as we can. The BBC reports. “The Liberal Democrat told MPs: “It is clear the recent reforms are not working,” as he called for a “more enlightened approach”. He said prohibition had not worked in any part of the world, adding cannabis was “available everywhere”. Mr Lamb said his bill offered a “more rational alternative to this mess” and claimed that many of those opposing his bill would have used cannabis at some stage.

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Breaking News Senate Passes Farm Bill

Breaking News Senate Passes Farm Bill

US Hemp Roundtable reports …. “So, imagine our surprise to report that the Senate just passed the Farm Bill with permanent hemp legalization!  By an overwhelming 87-13 vote.”

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Pilot With Cannabis Chocolate Bars Ends Up In Court ( DC Circuit)

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board adopted the following interim policies on December 12, 2018:

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