Cannabis Law: What You Need To Know?


Marijuana is effective for treating a wide range of ailments. It has several health benefits as well. Yet the lack of scientific knowledge on its effect has also driven legalization for it too. Despite the benefits, strict laws prevail in accidents involving a marijuana DUI.


The Current Laws Regarding use Of Marijuana

As knowledge of the health benefits of marijuana use spread, more states permit its use. To be precise twenty-nine states and also the District of Columbia now permit the use of marijuana. These pertain mainly for the use for medical purposes. However, some states permit its use for recreational purposes as well.


Health Benefits With Marijuana

People use marijuana is not only for recreational purposes. It has several health benefits associated with it also. These range from treating chronic pain, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety. Apart from this evidence also suggests that oral cannabis is useful to treat nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. It is in keeping with these health benefits that their use has been permitted in certain states.


The legalization has brought about a relaxed public attitude

Legalization of the use of marijuana in certain states has brought about a relaxed public attitude towards its use. The result is that many people now use marijuana freely. The result is that free use and driving often poses a threat to both pedestrians as well as motorists.


Law if one has used marijuana and is involved in an accident

Often people using marijuana and driving are involved in accidents. In such instances, the driver who has smoked marijuana is liable to pay up compensation.


Civil Liability for Marijuana-related accidents

The civil courts protect the interest of those who may be a victim in marijuana-related accidents. If you are a victim of such an accident, you can drag the offender to court. Here you can claim the compensation caused as a result of the financial damage. These could be under the following heads:

  • The medical bills involved in treating the physical injuries caused due to the accident
  • The wages that would be lost since the victim would not be able to attend his or her work
  • The repairing costs of the car caused as a result of the accident


In such accidents, the victim has two options to make good the financial losses incurred:

  1. He or she could file a civil suit claiming for the financial damages involved with the accident
  2. He or she could also negotiate with the offender’s insurer regarding the claim for the losses suffered from the accident



So, it is the responsibility of every driver to drive his vehicle with appropriate care towards the pedestrians and motorists. If one is using marijuana then it is best to avoid driving. It eliminates the risks of accidents under its influence. If you fall victim to such accidents, you must always approach an expert attorney to file your case


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