Like the author of this story we aren’t quite sure why smoking hemp with a nigh on zero THC content is popular but apparently Rome (as has the rest of Italy) has been flooded with retail outlets selling “cannabis light” products..

Wanted in Rome reports..

In Italy, cannabis light is sold in a dried form that looks identical to marijuana– so much so that it must be labelled as a collector’s item to evade laws regarding the sale of marijuana, and every package comes with a “not suitable for smoking” sticker.

There are many “strains” of cannabis light, with various names, colors, and characteristics. In many ways, the culture surrounding cannabis light mimics that of typical marijuana counter-culture, with one key difference: cannabis light probably won’t make you high.

C annabis light took Rome, and all of Italy, by storm. Hundreds of companies have been created since 2016, selling cannabis light and cannabis flavored and themed items, such as energy drinks, T-shirts, candles, and pipes. Some Italians quit their jobs or ended their businesses to open cannabis light dispensaries. The cannabis light industry has generated an estimated 40 million euro in revenue. Labeled “weak” at best and “useless” at worst by customers, cannabis light and cannabis light dispensaries still managed to spark political backlash.

In 2019, cannabis light was put on trial at the urgency of conservative politicians who had a moral objection to the cannabis light industry. Matteo Salvini, the leader of the League political party, said, “It is neither possible nor acceptable that in Italy there are 1,000 shops where there are drugs legally, in broad daylight.”

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