Cannabis Now Article: Harvard Professor Writes Questionable Defense of Trump’s Reefer Madness

Here’s the introduction to their piece.

Harvard Professor Publishes Questionable Defense of Trump Reefer Madness

Harvard Professor Writes Questionable Defense of Trump’s Reefer Madness

Kevin P. Hill offers a signal-boost of the U.S. Surgeon General’s cannabis advisory that nobody needed.

In an essay published on on Sept. 20, Kevin P. Hill, an addiction psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School, provided a welcome distraction from the ongoing moral panic over vaping — which to date is believed to have killed 12 Americans, or fewer than half the number of humans on bicycles killed by cars in New York City this year — by offering instead a defense of modern-day “reefer madness.”

In late August, just as the first few reports of a mysterious lung ailment possibly related to vaporizer use were surfacing, Jerome Adams, Donald Trump’s current surgeon general, released the first Surgeon General’s advisory on cannabis in 37 years.

Cannabis, according to Adams and Alex Azar, the current Secretary of Health and Human Services, is a “dangerous drug” that poses a particular threat to youth and to pregnant women — many of whom are under the mistaken impression that using weed, which is many magnitudes more powerful than it used to be, is relatively risk free.

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