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The Northeastern portion of the United States was a whirlwind for cannabis progress in 2018. Each state and district saw progress of some variety. While most took progressive steps, some remained relatively stagnant. With such a wild and mostly progressive 2018 in the books, let’s examine the marijuana news coming out of each state.


Maryland began the year with a medical cannabis program, which officially launched in March. However, the bill did create confusion for some. In one case, lawmakers found themselves uncertain around medical patients and any potential arrests. The state also passed a medical marijuana bill which aimed to create more access for minority business owners to become growers and processors.

By December, it was clear that Maryland’s program is a hit. So much so that sales surpassed expectation, pulling in over $100 million in revenue. Potentially even more impressive is the 300 new patients registered each day.

Washington, D.C.

Despite much activity on Capitol Hill, the country’s capital saw little change in 2018. The unorthodox market continues not to allow cannabis sales. Instead, a product can be gifted along with other purchased items. The ban on dispensaries continues to hinge mainly on bureaucratic reasons in Congress. Though, 2018 saw efforts by cannabis attorneys to change that. The November midterm elections have also given hope to rules changing when Democrats take control of the House next year.


Delaware spent much of 2018 in limbo. While some lawmakers pushed for recreational cannabis, others opted for the status quo. This includes a failed June attempt in the House. There, the measure fell four votes short of the needed 25 to move the bill to the Senate.

Despite the setback, the state did make progress in 2018. That includes passing a bill which expunges possession records for those charged with such crimes prior to 2015. Now, with neighboring New Jersey on the edge of legalization, some say Delaware lawmakers are watching intently.


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