Cannabis consumption has become popular because people use it both for recreational and medical reasons. The laws on the legalization of cannabis are also being passed, and now several states allow people to use cannabis legally. It does mean there are several thresholds that you need to pass, though, such as age, before using cannabis. 

Before using cannabis, you’ll have to buy it legally, too. Buying cannabis from a guy down the alley isn’t legal regardless of how good the cannabis is. Therefore, everything you do should be in line with the laws of that particular state. 

Legal Ways to Purchase Cannabis 

Selling and buying cannabis can be prohibited and allowed depending on different circumstances. Therefore, you must know how the laws govern it to be on the safe side. Below is a guide on the ways you can purchase cannabis legally: 

  • Through Gifting 

Weed gifting is a term used mostly in Washington DC, where dispensaries can bypass the law by selling weed without actually breaking any law. The Washington DC weed laws state that recreational cannabis is legal, but it’s not legal to sell or buy weed in the area. Therefore, anyone aged 21 and above can give weed to another legal aged person without getting any money or services in return. 

So, to avoid selling weed in DC, the dispensaries instead sell merchandise, such as t-shirts or art prints, at the same price as cannabis. If a buyer goes to buy the t-shirt or the art print, the buyer is gifted cannabis on top of the merchandise. Technically, they haven’t committed any crime because they haven’t purchased cannabis directly. 

  • Buy From Licensed Dispensaries 

Another way to buy cannabis is to look for a licensed weed dispensary around your locality. The stores will consider your age; 21 years for recreational cannabis and 18 years for medical cannabis. Therefore, you’ll need to carry your identification card or your driver’s license to get your age verified. 

When buying cannabis from an in-store dispensary, you need to know all the rules, such as the amount you can buy and what the law says about moving around with cannabis. Often, the store managers will keep you updated on all these, but it’s better to familiarize yourself early enough. 

  • Buy Cannabis Online 

Thanks to technology, you can now buy cannabis online without having to look for a licensed store. First, you need to research the online store you’re about to buy cannabis from by checking on their license and reputation. This will help you to avoid shady dealers who can put you into problems. 

When you get a licensed online store, you can order your cannabis. You should look for a store that does delivery, as this will take the hassle of picking it up from you. Also, you should ensure that you’re compliant with the state laws regarding purchasing and shipping of cannabis. 

  • Buy In States That Allow Selling and Buying 

While it’s legal to consume cannabis for recreational and medical reasons, some states still regulate buying and selling of cannabis. If you want to purchase cannabis legally, you need to ensure that you understand the state’s regulations on purchasing cannabis before you do so. If it’s legal, then nothing should stop you. 

However, there are cases where you’d buy cannabis from a state that allows you to do so and want to travel with it to a state that doesn’t allow buying and selling. In most cases, the states won’t allow you to travel back with cannabis. Therefore, you need to be aware of all the states regulations on buying or bringing cannabis from a different state. 

  • Get A Medical Cannabis Card 

A medical cannabis card is a permit issued by the state that allows a person to buy, obtain, or cultivate medical cannabis following a doctor’s recommendations. This identification card only applies to people who want to use medical cannabis and not recreational cannabis, so be keen not to lie about it. 

After the doctor recommends that you need medical cannabis, you can apply for the medical card and use it to buy cannabis. The state may regulate the amount of cannabis you can buy in a particular period, but you’d still be able to buy without breaking any law. 


As the consumption of cannabis is being legalized and embraced more, the remaining concern is how to purchase it. Thankfully, there are several ways through which you can do so without breaking any law. 

The availability of online stores and dispensaries has made it possible to buy recreational cannabis. If you want medical cannabis, getting a doctor’s recommendation and a card will get you the cannabis. Just make sure you’re of legal age and following or the legal guidelines.