Cannabis spotted near Wisconsin State Capitol.. Near The Tulips!

The Wisconsin Department of Administration confirmed the plants were removed from the capitol area Friday.

Cannabis was spotted near Wisconsin’s State Capitol Thursday.

15 News spoke with a UW expert in plants who confirms it is cannabis. But the THC levels would need to be tested in order to determine if its a drug or hemp type plant.

Assistant Professor Shelby Ellison also explains she believes it looks purposely planted. “If it was a single seed that was planted from somebody you would just have a single plant but the fact that it is interspersed in the area it looks purposeful.”

The plants were spotted amidst a tulip patch near the capitol building in downtown Madison.

Ellison says the grower would have to have a permit to grow the cannabis from the USDA in order for it to be legal to grow in the area.

15 News has reached out to Capitol police and Governor Tony Evers’ office for comment.

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