Content is king  and this has been par for the course across many industry sectors for the past decade. Now, it appears, that cannabis content could be on the same trajectory as new  data is shows a 42.7 percent increase in total streamed hours for cannabis-related shows in 2019.

LA Cannabis News reports on some big players getting into the game and quite frankly it’s about time as most of the audio and streaming / content that has been passed off as cannabis content for the past few years has be quite frankly amateur and dull, South Park excepted !

Maybe in 2020 it’ll be safer to put your money into a cannabis show rather than the product itself?

Data shows 42.7 percent increase in total streamed hours for cannabis-related shows in 2019

Cannabis content is getting in on the streaming wars.

Joshua Otten, the CEO of content service and distribution agency Ronin, is rolling out a streaming service devoted entirely to cannabis- and CBD-related content. Social Club TV will launch Jan. 15 with distribution across Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Prime, Android TV and iOS in more than 100 million homes.

Viewers can expect new and existing shows like “Pot Pie,” “Marijuana Mania” and more than 200 hours of original cannabis-related programming from cooking shows to comedy and true crime. The network is currently being streamed on the THC Channel on the ViacomCBS-owned, ad-supported streaming service PlutoTV for free, and subscription service will launch in 2020 for viewers to access exclusive content, Otten told FOX Business.

“We want to be that library for cannabis consumers,” Otten said, adding that the company is on track to make more than $4 million in revenue next year. “The popularity of shows like ‘Marijuana Mania’ proves there is mainstream demand for engaging and entertaining cannabis content.”

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