20 October 2016

The 2016 Cannabis Investor Study ($US299)

Their latest study, released in partnership with Arcview Market Research, focuses on investment trends and opportunities in the legal cannabis industry.


The 2016 Cannabis Investor Study looks at insights from a survey of members of the Arcview Investor Network, a private forum for high net worth accredited investors to access, evaluate, and collaborate on cannabis related investment opportunities. The study offers perspectives from these insiders about the major trends within the investor community and how investors view the evolution of the cannabis industry.

Key insights in this study include:

  • Verticals cannabis investors are eyeing
  • State & International Markets most attractive to investors
  • Deal structures most preferred by investors
  • How much investors have invested and plan to invest
  • Much, much more…


Next up Marijuana Biz daily tell us about the hot performing Aus Cannabis stock Creso Pharma


An Australian developer of marijuana-based medicines that debuted on the Australian Securities Exchange Thursday saw its stock soar 38% above its offering price before settling in to close 30% above its listing price.

The Sydney Morning Herald valued Creso Pharma at about $11.5 million Australian dollars (about $9.7 million).

The company listed on the ASX with an issue price of AU$0.20 cents per share but the offering was heavily oversubscribed, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, pushing up its opening price for the day to AU$0.25 cents. The West Perth-based company hit a high of AU$0.275 cents per share, before closing the day at AU$0.26 cents.

The listing comes as the Australian government begins the process of legalizing medical marijuana. The Australian Office of Drug Control will publish medical cannabis regulations on Oct. 30 and start issuing licenses on Nov. 1.

Full Report at  http://mjbizdaily.com/australian-mmj-company-lists-stock-which-soars/

The publication is also reporting that GW Pharmaceuticals the creator of Epidiolex has decided to de-list from Aim (UK) and concentrate solely on a US listing

They write” The firm announced it would ditch its Aim market listing this December, according to Britain’s Telegraph newspaper. A company executive said it no longer needed a dual listing because the majority of its shares are now traded on the Nasdaq and held by U.S. investors.”

Full Report at  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/10/19/gw-pharmaceuticals-ditches-london-listing/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter  and  http://mjbizdaily.com/gw-pharma-firm-scuttles-uk-listing-to-trade-on-us-market/

But that’s not all  MJ Biz also report…

Cannabis REIT files to be listed on NYSE

A cannabis-focused real estate investment trust has filed to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

If approved, it would be the first marijuana-related company to list on the Big Board.

Innovative Industrial Properties, headquartered in San Diego but incorporated in Maryland, filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday saying it plans to sell 8.75 million shares at $20 per share, according to Forbes. New Cannabis Ventures first reported the story.

The offering would value the company at $200 million.

The company’s first tenant is PharmaCann, which has marijuana business operations in Illinois and New York. PharmaCann will sell its 127,000-square-foot grow facility in New York State to Innovative Industrial Properties for $30 million and then lease the property back from the company.

Full Report at: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=6uRrE&m=3ZqN82qIfY1RgIm&b=iBczFJTqwlP_sbkk_kZeFw