Cannabis Trade Federation: Statement Regarding Gov. Charlie Baker’s Ban on the Sale of State-regulated Cannabis Vaporization Products in Massachusetts

WASHINGTON — The Cannabis Trade Federation released the following statement regarding the ban on the sale of state-regulated cannabis vaporization products announced Tuesday by Gov. Charlie Baker:

“While we share Gov. Baker’s concern for public safety and his desire to address the epidemic of lung illnesses, we are fearful of the unintended consequences of a ban on the sale of state-regulated cannabis products used in vaporization devices. By banning cannabis vape products that are produced according to state regulations, it significantly increases the likelihood that individuals will seek to purchase those products from unregulated sources. Yet media reports suggest that unregulated products containing THC may be a primary source of the epidemic.
“Already, our members have heard from patients suffering with cancer, PTSD, and other conditions who are panicked about how they will obtain the medicine they need in an ingestion method that they have found to be helpful. Their needs should not be ignored.
“We are not alone in our concern. Shaleen Title, a member of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, expressed a similar sentiment earlier today via Twitter: ‘This is a terrible decision. Purposely pushing people into the illicit market — precisely where the dangerous products are — goes against every principle of public health and harm reduction. It is dangerous, short-sighted, and undermines the benefits of legal regulation.'”

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