Here’s the title and introduction to their opinion piece on the subject.As we’ve said in the past the sooner everybody comes together on one word, spells it correctly and applies that word to all written legislation, ordinances  etc the less opportunity for individuals and organizations in the future to take us on a semantic safari through the courts at state and federal level.

Industry, Legislators: Mongrel word ‘Marijuana’ No More – Let’s Call It ‘Cannabis’

There is a slowly rising respect coming into the cannabis industry from key business sectors.

Maybe it’s because of the estimated half billion dollars in state tax revenue that the industry is expected to generate this year, according to Forbes magazine.

Maybe it’s in D.C., where more bills for legalizing cannabis have been seeing co-sponsors added to the list, such as Virginia Representative Tom Garrett’s bill HR 1227 “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017,”essentially a rehash of a Bernie Sanders bill that now has 11 co-sponsors – three more since the end of May – and the recently introduced “Marijuana Justice Act of 2017” just announced by Senator Cory Booker that has caught on with legislators because it’s about fighting against the drug war and correcting the racial disparities in marijuana-related arrests.

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