Exclusive Report: Francesca Greco: The Cannabis Crypto Queen of The Juicy Fields Scam?

Scary stuff just keeps on coming from the Juicy Fields debacle

Here’s the intro from cannabis101

An employment contract leaked by an insider at Juicy Fields reveals that Ms. Greco, a lawyer, asset manager, and cryptocurrency entrepreneur, was hired (not even full-time) by the company for the astonishing sum of 200,000 euros per month in the fall of 2020. Her job? To keep the firm in “compliance.” But given the many problems on that score, what exactly did she do – or not?

There are over a hundred firms and individuals who knowingly worked with the now-defunct scam company Juicy Fields to perpetuate the fraud and its “operations.” This is according to the data collected so by Swedish lawyer and investor advocate Lars Olofsson. He is hot on the case and beginning to kick serious ass with global implications as he moves forward on his strategy to bring the perps who facilitated the Juicy Fields scam to justice.

According to Olofsson, there is a significant paper trail and other evidence that points to the involvement of many people who cannot erase such proof now that stretches from the time of the firm’s real founding in St. Petersburg, Russia, way before its public launch (on April Fool’s Day no less) 2020 to its implosion in July 2022.

Make Sure You Read the full report with copies of the contracts drawn up between Greco & Juicy Fields

Francesca Greco: The Cannabis Crypto Queen of The Juicy Fields Scam?


As an aside we love this webinar where Ms Greco features herself in on her linked in….. you literally couldn’t make it up..


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