Here’s the list

Myclobutanil: Fungicide. Active ingredient in Eagle 20 pesticide brand. Considered “slightly hazardous” by the World Health Organization, a “Bad Actor” by the Pesticide Action Network and its own label warns of nervous system problems and toxic fumes.

Imidacloprid: Insecticide. Found in Merit and Mallet pesticide brands. Considered “moderately hazardous” by the WHO, and the National Pesticide Information Center says it’s moderately toxic if ingested or inhaled.

Abamectin and the avermectin chemical family: Insecticide. Found in Avid and Lucid pesticide brands. PAN lists avermectin as a “Bad Actor,” and Avid labels say it’s “harmful if inhaled.”

Etoxazole: Insecticide. Found in TetraSan 5 WDG pesticide brand, which is primarily used on ornamental and landscape plants.

Spiromesifen: Insecticide. Found in Oberon, Judo and Forbid brand pesticides.

Get more information about pesticides that can be used on marijuana at the Colorado Department of Agriculture.