There’s more cases  citing RICO to come says the  publication so this may be a precedent to watch very closely indeed…

They go on to write…

The lawsuit, filed by the anti-drug group Safe Streets Alliance on behalf of the Holiday Inn hotel in Frisco, focused on property owners’ rights under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. It claimed the hotel’s business suffered because of Medical Marijuana of the Rockies’ plans to move its shop into a building across the parking lot from the hotel.

The shop never made the move and was “forced to close” its previous Summit County location as a result of the court case, according to a note on its website. Two companies that did business with Medical Marijuana of the Rockies settled for a total of $70,000, and the lawsuit was dismissed Dec. 10, according to court documents.


Drug law expert Sam Kamin believes Safe Streets and the hotel would have lost at trial, but he understands why it was best for the non-marijuana companies to settle.

“There was a lot of fanfare when these suits were filed and very little when this one was settled,” said Kamin, a law professor at the University of Denver. “I still think that it’ll be impossible for any business to show that they we’re harmed by the location of a marijuana business.

“But it doesn’t mean that these suits are pointless or non-problematic for the industry,” he said. “In fact, they’re going to be incredibly problematic for the industry going forward. The folks who helped to bring this suit and sought out plaintiffs for this suit are looking for more and other lawsuits.

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