Cannabiz Australia Interview Legalise Cannabis NSW chairman and LCA campaign advisor Craig Ellis…Election Analysis Says Cannabis Votes Coming From Across The Political Spectrum








The best article we’ve seen from Cannabiz in ages and essentially it indicates the Australian electorate is beginning to mirror the US electorate when it comes to thinking about regulating cannabis both medically and for Adult use.

Voters come from the right (even the far right) the left, the Greens and also those who worry about their children getting a criminal record and of course one of the dumbest laws on the books at the moment allowing medical canabis patients who drive to have their licenses taken away from them.


Read the interview and analysis at the link below. We hasten to add  that there are many things to love about the new Australian Labor government but their attitude to cannabis is not one of them.

Like the last government their attitude publicly is cannabis is still “bad” which reads in reality as …..

A) This is too hard
B) This will kill our law & order vote
C) Cannabis legalization will give the Murdoch press a field day that will affect other policies – so let’s not get too engaged


Left and right unite in vote to legalise cannabis

Legalise Cannabis Australia’s stunning result in the recent federal election was built on strong support from the regions – and preference votes from some unlikely quarters. Cannabiz spoke to campaign advisor Craig Ellis to bust a few myths about the cannabis vote.

EXCLUSIVE: An analysis of voting patterns in May’s federal election has revealed Legalise Cannabis Australia (LCA) performed particularly strongly in regional areas, while picking up Senate preferences from across the political spectrum.

Legalise Cannabis NSW chairman and LCA campaign advisor Craig Ellis

The figures refute claims that the party simply cannibalised votes from the Greens and reveal LCA’s message also appealed to voters whose first preference was for right-wing parties including One Nation, United Australia and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

LCA performed particularly well in Queensland, where it increased its primary vote by 3% compared to 2019 when it ran as the HEMP Party. Meanwhile, One Nation’s vote fell by the same figure, suggesting that was where most of the uptick came from.








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Left and right unite in vote to legalise cannabis

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