Cannabiz op-ed argues that the Australian Medical association has misquoted & wrongly read Canadian research & resources in Senate presentation

The op-ed indicates that at best the AMA have conducted sloppy research to support their prohibition argument and at worst they are actively lying.

As usual with these things it sits somewhere between the two and we’d suggest as is always the way with associations they are never prepared to spend money to conduct proper research themselves.

It’s not exactly a good look especially when we remember this isn’t just an AMA published opinion it is their submission to the Senate


Here’s the introduction to the cannabiz piece

The Australian Medical Association’s position on cannabis reform is disconnected from reality

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has expressed its opposition to the Greens’ adult-use bill, claiming it would increase youth cannabis consumption. However, the body’s submission is misleading at best, writes honahlee co-founder Will Rayner.

The AMA’s submission to the Senate inquiry on the Greens’ legalisation bill is a masterclass in how to mislead the public.

Will Rayner

It sets out its case against legalisation strongly from the start, warning against the harms allegedly seen overseas.

It claims that, since legalisation in Canada, cannabis consumption rates in youth have increased, along with increased emergency department presentations and cannabis use disorder diagnoses.

While I (and honahlee) support legalisation, increased youth cannabis consumption is concerning. When we legalise, we’ll need to ensure that area is addressed in detail.

That said, the AMA’s claims go against what I’ve read about Canada, so I decided to check the citations in its submission.

The first study cited doesn’t measure youth cannabis consumption rates. It’s a survey on the perception held by mental health service providers in Ontario. While opinions are important, they aren’t factual data and shouldn’t be cited that way.

The second source says the opposite of what the AMA claims:





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The Australian Medical Association’s position on cannabis reform is disconnected from reality

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