Cannatrek Sponsors WA Parliament Cannabis Talking Heads Fest

Really encouraging to see parliamentarians hop into bed with industry.. business as usual then.

I’ll eat my hat if these parliamentarians don’t end up working for the likes of Cannatrek in some capacity when they get turfed out at the next state senate election.

Remember they were only voted in on preferences and I’m struggling to see what they have actually achieved in the almost 2 years they’ve had their seats.

I sincerely hope it doesn’t become an annual event


Cannabiz Australia

Western Australia’s Parliament House hosted its first medicinal cannabis meet-up last week with healthcare professionals, cannabis companies and politicians rubbing shoulders in the corridors of power.

Legalise Cannabis MPs Dr Brian Walker and Sophia Moermond hosted doctors, pharmacists, researchers, cultivators, manufacturers and suppliers in an event sponsored by Cannatrek.

Special guests included Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia’s Peter Crock and Patty Holmes, who were in town to run one of the trade body’s Australian Trade and Market Access Cooperation workshops.

A spokesperson for Moermond said: “It was really good to get everyone in the same room for what we hope will become an annual event.”



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