Marijuana Moment reports

Reddit user u/EaterofDin0saurs spotted a Canadian trademark application for “Chronic By Dre” and posted it to the social media site this week.

Seemingly a reference to Dr. Dre’s debut album “The Chronic,” the trademark applicant is listed under Tweed, Inc., a subsidiary of Canopy.

It’s not yet clear if Dr. Dre himself is involved. Requests for comment on the filling, which was created on August 31 and formalized this month, were not returned by the time of publication.

But it would be no surprise that a large company like Canopy could have the pull to attract a big name like that.

Considering the heavy influence of marijuana on Dre’s work and hip-hop in general, the strain could be a big seller for the Canadian cannabis company.

Among the classes of goods and services touched on in the trademark filing are “Cannabis and marijuana and derivatives thereof, namely live plants, seeds, dried flowers, liquids, oils, oral sprays, capsules, tablets, and transdermal patches,” as well as beverages, body lotion, shower gel and jewelry.

Even toys for cats and dogs are mentioned as possible Chronic by Dre-branded items.

Marijuana Firm Canopy Files Trademark For ‘Chronic By Dre’