Well.. that seems fair doesn’t it !


MJ Biz reports the inequity and well done to them for doing so. The dude earns $US33.8 million… i know we aren’t meant to say WTF in a report, but honestly….WTF !

Do Mexican cartel bosses even rake that sort of cash in ?

Here he is  doing a mind numbingly boring video interview in which period of talking guff he probably earnt what the res of us do in a year




Canopy Growth’s chief executive earned 1,042 times more than the median compensation for the cannabis producer’s other employees in fiscal 2020.

The partial-year compensation for CEO David Klein was about $33.8 million (CA$45 million), including salary, bonus, stock options and other compensation, the Smiths Falls, Ontario-based company disclosed in its proxy statement released after the fiscal year ended March 31.

That likely puts Klein – who began his job in mid-January – among the top CEO earners in Canada across all industries.

It also makes him the highest-paid cannabis CEO for a single fiscal year of compensation in Canada, edging out Tilray CEO Brendan Kennedy’s 2018 total compensation of CA$42.6 million. 


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