8 September 2016

Aruba’s Today newspaper reports

ORANJESTAD – Worldwide a lot of cancer patients are benefiting from treatment with pure cannabis-oil and if it were up to MEP-MP Glenbert Croes Aruba will consider the use of medicinal cannabis and legalize it. Medicinal cannabis is also used to treat rheumatism and epilepsy. In December, Croes wants to start a debate about this theme, not only in parliament, but also in the community, the Amigoe reports.

There are many stories circulating about the use of cannabis-oil. It is supposedly beneficial for treating epilepsy, rheumatism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, Alzheimer’s and migraine. Worldwide cancer patients are saying that cannabis-oil help in curing them. In the Netherlands medical cannabis and cannabis-oil are available for medical purposes.

The Stentor writes that Zwolle opened its first cannabis help desk on July 5 where it distributes cannabis-oil for pain-treatment and for people who have trouble sleeping. Last year the Transvaal Pharmacy in The Hague made headlines in Den Haag FM because it was the first in the Netherlands to produce medicinal cannabis-oil.

Last February there was a report in Metronieuws about a Canadian man who treated his 18-months old daughter with cannabis-oil, because she suffered from around fifty epileptic attacks per day. Due to the treatment, the attacks have disappeared, the father claimed.

MP Croes follows the global developments around medicinal cannabis closely. He has notices that the product is increasingly used to fight an ever increasing number of diseases; for this reason, Aruba ought to take legalizing the stuff seriously.

However, Croes acknowledges that there is no consensus about this issue within his party and within the parliament. In December there will be a debate about legalizing medicinal cannabis; the opinion of the population has to be part of the debate, Croes says.