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Guest Post:The legal status of CBD Oil in Germany

Brian Cusack writes for Cannabis Law Report, “Due to the changing laws as you cross borders, the legality of CBD has been a rather complex issue. That being the case, we decided to give you a complete overview of CBD’s legality in Germany and its government. This article will tell you all you need to know in order to fully understand the legal status of CBD oil in Germany. Let’s get it right.”

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UK: Tommy Corbyn’s Hemp Business Goes Into Receivership

The original report was in the Daily Mail so we did fact check and as you’ll see from the UK Gazette, receivership has been declared . The story goes something like this. Tommy Corbyn son of UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn has gone into receivership with debts of £100K with his hemp company National Hemp Service “NHS”. Accusations are flying about but at the moment simple mismanagement appears to be the issue.

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Lex Blog Report: Italy Moves toward Legalising Cannabis… for Everyone

The Italian Parliament has established an intergroup on the legalisation of cannabis following calls to address the need for its decriminalisation and shortages of medical cannabis. More than 50 members of Parliament already have applied to join the intergroup, mainly from the left. For now, no one from the centre-right has asked to participate. The impetus behind this movement is multifaceted but at the forefront is Walter de Benedetto, a patient with rheumatoid arthritis potentially facing prison for growing nine marijuana plants to assuage his pain. The movement is supported by 25,000 signatures to date and aims to rekindle the 2016 citizens’ initiative to legalise cannabis.

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Denmark’s pilot pharma trial learns from Canada’s lessons

Arundati Dandapani writes, Denmark is already leading the way in Europe by launching a Big Pharma model as the efficacy of cannabis as a medicine gains ground through testing and clinical trials, eliminating patients’ reliance on opiates and other pharmaceutical drugs. Denmark’s Big Pharma model stems from its expertise in horticulture and pharma, and low support for recreational cannabis, propelling it into the future before any other nation in the EU.

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Are UK Regulators About To Pounce On The UK CBD Industry

According to this article just published in CBD Testers , “the U.K Foods Standards Agency (FSA) is set to start enforcement action on CBD products and business as it pushes for adherence to the European Union’s Novel Food regulations” Mr Jappie, Head of Cannabis Law at U.K. law firm Mackrell Turner Garrett, told CBD Testers: “We are hearing noises from the FSA that they will be taking action within the next few weeks. The FSA will give their enforcement advise, this is issued to local authority trading standards and we could suddenly see an increase in enforcement activity.”

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American Cannabis Consulting, Inc

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Bernstein IP


Bernstein IP is an Intellectual Property firm that counsels and advises its legal cannabis clients on creative ways to protect, enforce, and license their IP...

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