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Cannabis Testing + Branding = Business Building

From a branding and marketing standpoint, I’m convinced that until we bridge the science of the medical market with the consumer’s experience in the recreational market, ignorance will linger and the market will plateau with over-saturated brands and buzzwords that deflate the meaning of efficacy. As an example, look at the bubble of CBD in the last year to see consumers swooning over science that is yet to be regulated and false or misleading packaging that profligates on shelves across the US.

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Branding Is Personal & Meaningful

As is so often the case in the Cannabis and Hemp industry, to succeed you do what you have to, when you have to, you learn you adapt and you overcome challenges in the market all in real time—which also sounds a lot like parenting in the 21st Century.

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Marketing Matters: More… On The Art Of Branding & Identity

Create a content strategy. Apply your Mission Statement, who you are, to what you say and what you show on your social media, you can’t be everything to everyone so it’s important to maintain your integrity and post meaningful content, don’t oversell your brand, be real, be informative, optimistic and friendly.

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The Art of Branding & Identity

The rise of social media has taught us that good storytelling and branding can go a long way to project success for any brand. They’re a gateway to customer conversations that when well done, can lead down a rabbit hole of discovery for any consumer to journey across your brand. Everyone loves an underdog, and in Cannabis more than any category represents an emerging class of new brands, new products and new experiences for consumers to listen, learn, sample and engage with. Writes our correspondent Glenn Johnson.

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Conversations in Cannabis: The Hemp Renaissance with Chad Frey

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a chance to speak with Chad Frey and get to hear more about his journey in the role of COO and Co-Founder of Cannabis CRE Capital as well as his role as CEO of Attilah, whose wholesale model aims to engage a New Hemp Renaissance. Our conversations have been a frank and honest discussion of the dizzying wild west of a market we’re riding through.

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Conversations In Cannabis: Ardin, writer, comedian & content producer

Ardin, as he’s known, made his way from San Francisco to Hollywood to develop his own content ideas to work with brands and innovators to sidestep the advertising challenges that cannabis faces today. In 2016, he walked away from a  10-year career in marketing and today, he is a professional comedian, actor, and writer. He’s created his own monthly podcast, Coffee and Cannabis that focuses on the industry and is developing scripts and content for long-form shows. He’s written a series of 52 radio plays for a segment called, “High Time Story Time” (on Amazon) and has a popular late night show, The Night Space, on Mutiny Radio

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Conversations In Cannabis 2 : Kenny Feigeles, founder

Today’s Cannabis market has attracted entrepreneurs from all walks of life which is a benefit to the astounding growth we see at every level, but many may lack the expertise to properly convey their vision, or the know-how to market their idea.

For many, this may begin with an investment deck. Kenny Feigeles, himself an investor, created a consultancy and a website where he and his team cover the markets. Most recently, Cannabis has been of keen interest to his work.

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