CBD Dosage for Dogs: How Much Should I Give My Dogs? 

CBD isn’t only for humans to benefit from; even your furry friend can enjoy the health benefits of CBD. CBD shows to be helpful in conditions such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, and so much more. But, how do you calculate CBD dosage for dogs? What about safety concerns?

This guide covers tips on calculating CBD dosage for your dog, possible side effects, and what to look for in a CBD product. In the end, you should be able to determine the best possible dose for your dog. You’ll also learn how to choose the best pet CBD products.

What Is CBD & How It Works for Dogs?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound present in cannabis plants. It’s non-psychoactive, so it will not get your dog high. It makes up about 40% of cannabis extract.

CBD shows great potential as an alternative treatment option for many health conditions. Although scientific studies are inconclusive in some areas, the results look promising.

Cannabidiol works for dogs by interacting with their endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates functions, such as metabolism, stress, mood, and hormones in mammals. When CBD interacts with receptors in the ECS, it activates molecular pathways that regulate body functions.

Types of CBD Products for Dogs

There are different types of CBD products for dogs. And each consumption method will determine how much CBD you should give to your furry friend. The four main types of CBD products for dogs are:

  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD dog treats
  • Topical products
  • CBD capsules

CBD oil tinctures for dogs are the best option. They are popular and offer a high bioavailability. That means you don’t need a lot to produce the desired effect.

CBD oil tinctures are available in multiple concentrations. One downside here is your dogs may not like its taste. CBD oils usually have a distinct, nutty taste.

If your dog is not a big fan of CBD oils, treats are the next best option. Best CBD dog treats always have delicious tastes and flavors. Think about a Chicken and beef formula or bacon and cheese. Also, dog treats come with a fixed CBD dose. So, it’s easy to know how much CBD you want to give to your dog.

On the flip side, dog treats offer a slower onset of effects than CBD oil tinctures. And so do CBD capsules. Capsules and treats have to pass through the digestive tract to get to the bloodstream. So they have a lower bioavailability than oils. Plus, the onset time may be slower.

The benefit of CBD treats and capsules is they are pre-dosed. So, calculating how much CBD you need to give your dog won’t be a difficult task.

Lastly, CBD topical creams are helpful for localized pain. For instance, if you want to increase mobility in the joint. CBD topicals take about an hour after administration to feel the effects.

How much CBD Should I Give My Dog?

When it comes to CBD dosage for dogs, a good rule of thumb is to start with 1-2mg for every 10 pounds of body weight. So if your dog weighs 40 pounds, for instance, a good starting dose would be between 4 to 8mg.

When using CBD oil, remember that brands create them in different concentrations. Also, the amount of CBD you see on the product label is the CBD content in the whole bottle. It’s not the amount per dose.

To help you figure out how much CBD to administer, most brands include a dosage chart. Also, the dropper will be marked to help you measure out the CBD precisely.

What Studies Say About CBD Dosage for Dogs

There is no established answer to how much CBD you should give your dogs. However, you can look at the dosages researchers used in their studies.

We have plenty of studies published in recent years that weighed the efficacy and safety of different dosages. Most studies also highlight there is a need for more research.

For example, two studies on the use of CBD for osteoarthritis found that 2mg of CBD oil per kg body weight twice daily was effective. This dose reduced pain associated with arthritis. It also increased mobility in the dogs.

In one of the studies published in 2020, researchers found that dogs benefited from doses of 1 to 2mg per kg body weight. This dose was given every 12 hours. The study also observed that the dose varied with each dog. While some needed as low as 0.3mg per kg weight, others required as high as 4.12mg.

Up to this point, there is not enough research to establish a given CBD dose for treating any ailment. So, determining the accurate dose may involve some trial and error.

Factors in Determining the CBD Dosage

Many factors influence what CBD dosage your dog needs. These include:

Your Pet’s Weight: Size is a major determinant of dosage. It’s no surprise that every dosage chart you see is based on your dog’s weight. Larger dog breeds will require more CBD to experience effects than smaller ones.

The severity of the Condition: Your dog’s condition will determine how much CBD they should take. The more severe, the more likely they need a higher amount to feel better. However, if the condition is mild, a low dose may be all they need.

For instance, if you want to add CBD to your dog’s daily regimen, you only need a low CBD dosage. But, if it’s for a condition like arthritis, you will need to increase the dose until you get the desired effect.

Underlying Health Condition: Your dog’s health history will determine what dosage of CBD they should take. For instance, if your dog has liver or kidney issues, you want to consult a vet first. Studies show that CBD can increase some liver enzymes. Also, it can hinder the metabolism of some drugs in the liver. If your puppy is on any medication or has an underlying health condition, talk with your vet before administering CBD.

How to Calculate the Right CBD Dosage for Dogs

If you want to use CBD oil for medicinal purposes, you should start with a small dose. We established that 1-2mg for every 10 pounds body weight is a great start.

So, let’s say you’re using 2mg of CBD for 10 pounds. You also need to calculate how much CBD oil to give your dog based on how many mg of CBD is in each milliliter (ml) of oil. Most CBD oil tinctures come in a 30ml bottle.

Also, remember that each oil has a particular formula strength. For instance, you can have:

75mg formula: 2.5mg of CBD per ml.

Your dog weighs 25 pounds. And using our 2mg of CBD per 10 pounds, you’ll need to administer 5mg of CBD.

Therefore, you’d give him 2ml of the 75mg formula. The manufacturer always provides information on how much CBD is in one serving. One serving equals 1ml.

Side Effects

The WHO reported CBD is a generally safe substance. It’s also non-intoxicating and has a wide range of benefits.

As long as you follow the dosage guideline and do not go overboard, your dog should be fine. However, mild side effects may occur when you give a higher than normal dose. These include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness

If any of the above occurs, then that’s your sign to reduce the dosage of CBD. Monitor your puppy and observe if they get better with time. If they don’t, you might want to pause from CBD for some time.

What to Look for in a CBD Dog Product?

An area of concern when using CBD is how to get a high-quality product. Many brands have entered the CBD space in recent years. So how do you know which of them is authentic?

Here are a few guidelines and factors to look for when buying:

Reliable Brands: Choose reputable brands for best CBD dog treats that provide all the necessary information on the website. You should be able to read about their manufacturing processes and methods. Also, check for reviews on independent sites like Trustpilot.

Choose Organic CBD for Pets: You can’t go wrong with organic CBD. Also, make sure the product is pet-specific. You don’t want to give your dog a product intended for people.

Third-party Reports: Always look for the Certificate of Analysis from third-party labs. If a brand doesn’t provide results from third-party tests, you stay away from them. The batch number on the product should match that on the report. The results will help you know if the content of the product matches what the company advertises. Also, you’ll see if the CBD is free of contaminants, heavy metals, and toxins.

Ingredients: The ingredients in the CBD product should be safe for your dog to use. Avoid brands that use fillers and additives. You want to go for all-natural and organic CBD products when possible. Also, look out for any allergens in the product before you purchase.

Dosage Guideline: A trustworthy brand will provide you with specific information on product usage. Any brand that doesn’t do this does not care about its customers or their safety.

Final Thoughts

It might take some experimenting to figure out the proper CBD dosage for your furry friend. Dogs come in different sizes, with each with their systems different. So, there is no CBD dose set in stone for all dogs.

Remember that the dosage guideline in this article shouldn’t replace medical advice. These are only general recommendations. Whenever you are in doubt, you can always consult a vet.

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