CBD Goes To Hollywood: The Six Figure CBD Swag Bag Going Out to Riz Ahmed, Anthony Hopkins & Other Nominees

AUTHOR: Heather Allman



The Six Figure CBD Swag Bag going out to Riz Ahmed, Anthony Hopkins & Other Nominees





The Green Rush continues its conquest… all the way to Hollywood. Premiere Oscar nominee CBD gifts this year feature your friend and mine: the cannabis plant. Even Green Entrepreneur gave a mention here. This year’s fabulous gift list features a variety of cannabis brands that embrace diversity, inclusion, health and philanthropy. 


The bag includes a Hollowtips 24K gold vape cartridges, Elixinol’s Good Night CBD capsules, FIRE/ICE High-Performance Hemp Salve by Fifth Element, and SalTerrae Hemp Intimate Oils. The press release from 3rd Public Relations & Marketing reads, in part:


Distinctive  Assets,  the  LA-based  entertainment  marketing company  credited  with  catapulting  the  promotional  craze  of  celebrity  swag  into  a  pop  culture phenomenon,  will  yet  again  be  independently  producing  their  legendary  “Everyone  Wins”  Nominee Gift  Bags,  which  have  become  the  most  buzzed-about  swag  in  history!    Just  as  the  ceremony  itself  has adapted  to  unique  circumstances,  so  too  has  the  gift  bag  evolved  this  year.    

The  iconic  show’s superstar  nominees  such  as  Daniel  Kaluuya,  Olivia  Colman,  Amanda  Seyfried,  Sacha  Baron  Cohen,  Riz Ahmed,  Viola  Davis, Andra Day and  Carey  Mulligan  will  be  treated to  a  bevy of  congratulatory  gifts  with purpose.     “While  the  end  result  may  look  at  first  glance  like  the  same  cornucopia  of  fabulous  gifts  we  always assemble,  this  year’s  contents  are  particularly  special.    

The  companies  we  are  featuring  embrace diversity,  inclusion,  health  and  philanthropy  and  are  giving  back  to  their  communities  and  the  world  at large in significant  ways.”  ̶   Lash  Fary  (Founder,  Distinctive Assets) The  “Everyone  Wins”  Nominee  Gift  Bags  have  been  independently  produced  by  Distinctive  Assets  for nearly  two  decades.  They  will  once  again  be  delivered  to  nominees  in  the  Best  Actor  +  Actress,  Best Supporting  Actor + Actress  and  Best  Director  categories.   


While  this  gift  bag  does,  as  always,  have  an  impressive  six-figure  value,  that  is  neither  our  focus  nor goal. A  great  gift  has  nothing  to  do  with  a  price  tag,” 


Says  Distinctive Assets founder and noted gift expert Lash Fary.


This year’s ‘Everyone Wins’  gift bag is one of my favorites we have ever assembled because it represents a lot more than just a bag full of free stuff. I am truly excited for the nominees to experience it.”   







The Hollowtips line of high-end vape cartridges feature a patent-pending air-bubble chamber, high potency THC water clear distillate and a 24K gold finish. The luxurious bullet tip cartridge is also inhale-activated so there’s no need to push any buttons in order to enjoy.






A pioneer in the CBD industry, Elixinol is focused on improving the quality of people’s lives through the power of cannabinoids. Elixinol’s Good Night CBD capsules combine a custom blend of full-spectrum CBD and a low-dose of melatonin, helping you to find that sweet spot of restfulness so you can get the deep sleep your body needs to rest, recover and reboot. 





FIRE/ICE High Performance Hemp Salve by Fifth Element (5E) is packed with 5000mg of full-spectrum hemp. Handmade in Boulder, CO, 5E products are specifically designed for post work-out recovery and those with an active lifestyle. 5E FIRE/ICE Salve promotes balance in your daily recovery and is the strongest and most effective full-spectrum salve available. 5E products are proudly endorsed by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Sr. and other major sports athletes.





SalTerrae is a line of sensation-evoking Intimate Oils for Pleasure, Play and Connection. It is the FIRST broad-spectrum hemp intimate oil that is made of food-grade ingredients, so they are meant to be kiss and lickable. Each SalTerrae Oil is completely plant-based, organic, vegan and infused with extra plant terpenes to arouse the senses and create a variety of sensations.  SalTerrae is a female-founded business that seeks to create healthy, versatile and sustainable products for everyone. With a unique mission of not only increasing intimacy between couples of all ages, SalTerrae places a strong focus on inclusion and connectedness, driven by pure love and respect for their diverse local and global communities.



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About Distinctive Assets: 

Distinctive Assets  is  a niche marketing company  offering  celebrity  seeding,  business  development and  branding  opportunities  within  the  entertainment  industry  and  beyond.  Distinctive  Assets  spearheaded  the  proliferation of  award  show  swag  and  boasts  an  impressive  resume  of  prestigious  events  that  includes  the  GRAMMYs®,  Latin GRAMMYs®,  Tonys,  American  Music  Awards,  Kids’  Choice  Awards,  BET  Awards,  CMA  Awards  and  Academy  of  Country Music  Awards.  From  Fortune  100  companies  to  start-ups,  clients  benefit  from  customized  marketing  solutions  that  leverage unparalleled experiences as  well as  access  to  top  celebrities,  premier  events, influential  media  and  strategic  partners. 


About “Everyone Wins” Gift Bags:

The  “Everyone  Wins”  Nominee  Gift  Bags  are  NOT  affiliated  in  any  way  with  the  OSCARS®  or  the  Academy  of  Motion Picture  Arts  &  Sciences.  A.M.P.A.S.  does  not  award,  sponsor,  endorse  or  provide  these  gift  bags.  Neither  the Academy  nor  Distinctive  Assets  wants  there  to  be  any  association  between  the  “Everyone  Wins”  Gift  Bags  and  the OSCARS®  or the  Academy.  


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