CBD Gummies vs. CBD Oil

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As more and more medical studies are helping to prove the positive effects of CBD, there are many new CBD products available for those suffering pain, anxiety, and other ailments difficult to treat with traditional medications. Products containing only CBD are legal in all 50 states which makes it an accessible treatment as well. (Note: If the products you intend to purchase contain trace amounts of THC, which is possible based on how the products were made, you may need to look into the legality of these products in your state.)

As with any type of treatment, there are pros and cons to each medication, different doses, and a variety of other issues to take into consideration. The two most popular CBD products currently available are gummies and oils. But which one is best for you? Let’s look at each a little closer and help you decide what the best CBD product is for you.


What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies have become popular not only due to the reputation that edibles already have within cannabis culture but also because it can be a tasty, and discreet, way of treating your anxiety, pain, insomnia, or other ailments. Although gummies typically come with anywhere between 5 and 30mg of CBD and there are stronger methods of CBD dosing, gummies are a great way to microdose. Microdosing is the technique that many CBD and medical cannabis users have found helpful to suppress symptoms over a longer period.

In addition to being able to control smaller doses taken at regular intervals, you can also use microdosing as “trial and error” until you find the right dose. You can start with smaller doses and increase slowly until you receive the desired effect. What makes CBD gummies the best for this type of CBD treatment is that you are more likely to receive the same concentration in each piece, making it much easier to also control just how much you take without the guesswork.



  • Perfect for microdosing and those just starting CBD treatment with consistent strengths in each candy
  • No psychoactive effects, and can also help reduce the psychoactive effects of THC-containing medical cannabis
  • Discreet CBD therapy
  • Effective for sleep, pain, anxiety, appetite, and more


  • Some users may not find most CBD gummies strong enough to manage their symptoms
  • Those with trace amounts of THC may not be legal in your state
  • Can only be used as an edible candy


What are CBD Oils?

CBD oils are one of the primary ingredients in the best CBD gummies. However, oils can be more versatile and at the same time a little harder to keep consistent. The two most popular ways to use CBD oils is through vaping or sublingual drops. Each has its benefits depending on the user. Vaping can be more discreet than sublingual drops because it’s something commonly seen in busy places. Some oils may leave a “weed” taste in your mouth or the smell of it may linger upon exhale. This means it’s important to respect others who may not like the scent or who may be affected by second-hand vapor.

Sublingual drops, sometimes referred to as tincture, work quickly to help alleviate your symptoms. The area under the tongue is sensitive and absorbs these drops in no time at all. Drops are common with those who prefer not to smoke or vape. It can also provide faster relief than edibles such as CBD gummies. There may be an aftertaste depending on the product and its strength. Be sure to wait a few minutes before eating or drinking to get maximum benefit.


  • Oils can often be found that are stronger than the CBD gummies we talked about earlier
  • There are various ways to use CBD oils depending on your preferences
  • Most oils, as well as those used to make edibles, are non-GMO


  • Not as discreet as edibles
  • It can be difficult to keep consistent dosing due to differences between producers and the manufacturing process


Benefits of both CBD Gummies and CBD Oils

There are many benefits of CBD-only products and even those with trace amounts of THC. No matter how you choose to medicate with CBD, it can help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Appetite
  • Mood Issues
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • And More

CBD products are not only non-addictive, but it can also help relieve the withdrawal symptoms for those who are addicted to illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine. The mellow relaxation that many users experience with CBD treatment can allow you to still be productive without becoming drowsy.


Things to Keep in Mind

CBD products are not FDA-Approved approved as a medical treatment. At least, not yet. But this also means that any cannabis-related products aren’t regulated by the government. The strengths, purities, and taste can all be different from brand to brand. Sometimes, even within the same brand, two bottles may not provide you with the same effects. Keep this in mind when using any new product.

You should also always take into consideration your age, height, and weight as well as your tolerance to any cannabis product before using it. This can ensure you experience the desired effects and no negative ones.


Should You Choose CBD Gummies or CBD Oil?

I’ve known many CBD-users that like to keep several types of products on hand to use depending on the problem they are experiencing and what effects they are looking for. Even lotions or flower can be produced that contain only CBD or only those trace amounts of THC. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but I hope you’ve learned a little bit about your options. Oh, and don’t forget that some oils can be baked into your own edibles should you ever want to give it a try!

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