CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the primary chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. It can be sourced from hemp or marijuana plants, but is generally sourced from hemp strains with high CBD and low THC content. Unlike THC, CBD does not make the user feel ‘high’ and in general is thought to provide the same, or similar health benefits that one would experience from using other forms of cannabis, such as medical marijuana, for instance. 



The popularity of CBD based health products is on the rise, and many people who have used CBD for themselves with positive results are now curious about how it might benefit their furry friends. As a result, many people are looking for CBD Pet products made specifically, especially CBD for dogs and CBD for cats.


If you are one of the many people who have already experienced the benefits of CBD oil for yourself, you might be interested in exploring hemp oil for dogs. Perhaps you’ve never tried CBD, but are still curious how it might help your pet? In either case, you might have questions like ‘What is cbd oil for dogs?’ and ‘How is cbd oil for pets different from cbd oil for humans?’ We would suggest you to do proper research regarding this before you Shop cbd oil for your pets.


It’s natural to be curious about CBD benefits and CBD oil effects from CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for pets in general. That’s why it’s important to note the differences between products marketed as CBD hemp oil, and Dog CBD oil. After all, what’s the difference between pet CBD compared to CBD intended for human consumption?


The CBD market is still largely unregulated, and labels are sometimes misleading. That’s why it’s important to use CBD products that have been verified with third party lab test results. Look specifically for products that are labelled as ‘full-spectrum’ CBD, as opposed to ‘hemp extract’.



Some companies are intentionally misleading, using cheaper forms of hemp seed oil extract, which contains little to no CBD, while still trying to market their products as ‘hemp products’ in order to capitalize on the popularity of CBD.


While hemp seed extract is technically a hemp product, and there are considered to be some benefits when used topically,  it is not the same as a high quality, full spectrum CBD product that uses the leaves, flowers and stems of the plant, which are rich in CBD.


The effects of CBD and even cannabis for dogs, are generally thought to be positive. CBD oil may help reduce anxiety, depression, seizures, and even cancer symptoms in dogs and cats. The uses for dog CBD are basically the same as other CBD oil uses. Generally CBD should be administered with a dropper or mixed in with your pet’s food. In terms of dosing, 0.2mg of CBD per pound is thought to be the best ratio, at least initially. So, if your dog weighs 25 pounds, you’ll give them 5mg of CBD initially and increase, or reduce, the dosage as needed. 

Perhaps you are wondering about the differences between hemp oil CBD and marijuana for dogs and what, if any, are the side effects of cbd oil?


CBD side effects are generally mild, if present at all, and there is little potential for serious negative effects from hemp for dogs. If side effects are present, they are generally changes in appetite, mood or energy levels in your pet.


What’s the Difference Between Marijuana Oil and CBD for Dogs


Well, generally speaking, marijuana oil would contain higher amounts of THC, and would affect your pet in a way similar to marijuana use in a human. Yes, it is possible for dogs to experience a ‘high’ similar to that of humans based on what we know about dog physiology. So if you want to avoid a lethargic pet, while still providing them with the potential health benefits of cannabis, CBD oil for dogs is your best bet.



What Does CBD Do for Pets


So, what does CBD oil do for dogs, and what behaviors can you expect with CBD dogs? Generally, you can expect, happier, healthier pets with less anxiety and fewer joint health issues. CBD promotes balance between the different systems of the body by regulating them through the endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short. Both humans and animals have an ECS, and as a result, can benefit positively from the presence of cannabinoids within the body. In fact, our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, but adding CBD to you or your pet’s diet is a great way to add increased benefits.


Even if you have CBD pets at home, you might still be wondering what a CBD oil good for dogs is. Fortunately, the answer is relatively simple. If you have a high quality CBD oil that you yourself would use, it is also most likely safe and good for your pet, as there generally isn’t much difference in CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for dogs other than marketing.  

Some companies might have a different formulation for pets vs humans when it comes to their CBD oil in terms of potency or ingredients though. Moreover, buying the best cbd oil for dogs can be a little tough as there are countless stores offering them so we would suggest you to go for the most reknowned stores in this regard.


That’s why it’s extremely important to look at the ingredients before giving CBD to you pet. This is especially true in the case of CBD edibles. This is where it’s important to be careful because your dog should not eat chocolates or certain other CBD edibles that are meant only for human consumption. Instead, look for companies that offer  CBD dog treats  and other items that are specific for animals.


Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?


The short answer is yes, but it’s still important to shop with a reputable company in order to ensure you are getting a high quality CBD product. Third party lab test results are ideal to verify a CBD oil’s potency, purity, and ingredients to ensure the safety of your pets in addition to making sure they are getting the proper effects from CBD. All in all, CBD shows great potential in terms of helping pets and their owners with a variety of health conditions and symptoms. In fact, at least one study saw notable change in the growth of cancer cells in animals when they were given CBD. This has led some people to wonder if there is a CBD oil specifically for dogs with cancer.


While, there isn’t a CBD oil for this condition specifically, the good news is any potent CBD oil should theoretically provide the same benefits that were observed in this study. With such low risk of negative side effects, and a mountain of anecdotal evidence 


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