CBD Vape Pens: An Introduction


You’ve decided you want to vape, CBD will be the preferred method of consumption, and you’re looking for a device that can handle high concentrations of CBD distillate oils, namely a CBD oil or an e-liquid vape pen. 

You’re not familiar with this and aren’t sure how to determine which device you should choose? What are the most important things to look for when selecting one for your initial CBD vape pen as you browse through the plethora of choices available in the UK?Furthermore, we’ll discuss what you need to consider when selecting a CBD vape pen kit, upgrading, or exchanging your current device.


Simple to make use of

Particularly if you’re a first-time user of CBD in the first place, the most crucial aspect is to ensure that the device is simple to use. If you intend to use CBD oil and CBD e liquids (more robust) and not only CBD e liquids (weaker), you should not use a device designed for only using e liquids because it simply isn’t powerful enough to vape the heavier CBD-infused vape oil. (Check out our article about ( for more details on this!)

There are currently two options of CBD oil vape pens on the market in the UK that are accessible and are both simple and easy to use. They are either disposable products (filled with CBD oil) or reusable batteries (like ours), which can refill with CBD oil. With disposables, you’re good to go right at the point of purchase with only a button click. With the latter, you put it into the cart you prefer (replace whenever and when you require) and, based on the kind of battery you have, switch it on and choose the setting you want to use.

Reusable batteries have a universal thread (the one near the bottom of your battery you insert your cartridge into). The benefits of this product include the possibility of choosing between high and low concentration CBD vape cartridges e-liquid according to your mood.



For us, keeping a refillable CBD pen that can reuse is key because single-use disposable devices that throw away when not in use cause environmental harm. Additionally, using a reusable CBD vape pen gives you more options and value. 


Portable, sleek design

Juuls have been gaining popularity with nicotine smokers as they look sleek, are comfortable to hold, and are easy to carry when you travel. CBD vape pens have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. The good news is that they’re similar to the originals – they’re light, thin, and compact, so you can carry them wherever you go and enjoy the benefits of CBD whenever you want!


Variable voltage

A device with variable voltage (only for reusable vape devices) means that you can customize the CBD vaping experience by selecting the most suitable setting for the style you prefer.

Lower voltages give a less delicate flavor to enjoy the natural flavor (especially in the case of terpene-based) of the CBD E-liquid. In contrast, an increased voltage can produce more giant clouds of vapor. As detailed below, higher voltages are particularly for vaping more dense, high-concentration CBD oil vape cartridges.

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