Certbolt Microsoft AZ-204 Certification Exam In 2021 – A Hit Or A Miss

As you should know, success in the Microsoft AZ-204 exam leads to earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification, which is a gold standard of Azure accreditation. In other words, those having this qualification need not prove their skills and abilities in front of the world.

However, things are not always the same. Hence, we are going to assess the credibility of the Microsoft Certbolt AZ-204 qualifying exam in 2021 and will figure out whether or not investing time and efforts in this certification will yield impressive results.

  • The exam syllabus was recently updated

One of the most outstanding criteria to figure out the viability of an accreditation exam is how time-relevant are the tested domains. Gladly, the content of the AZ-204 Microsoft Exam has been updated recently, on Certbolt March 26, 2021.

These changes were done as per the current IT industry needs. For instance, the strategies used for securing cloud solutions have been elaborated a bit, and solutions required for Microsoft Graph have been included as well.

Similarly, the knowledge areas related to Azure Service Bus and Azure Queue Storage queues have been omitted from the final exam as these two technologies are not that relevant in 2021.

These changes indicate that passing the Microsoft Certification Test will allow an Azure Developer to seize expertise that is demanded and valued by the industry.

  • A sure-shot way to increase the salary

The recent Global Knowledge survey revealed that the IT pros who earned a relevant certification previously were able to enjoy an average hike of $12,000-$13,000 in the salary in 2020. This is because a well-qualified specialist is more than an employee for the organization. It’s an asset that a company doesn’t want to lose.

This trend will continue in 2021 as well. So, if you have already passed the Microsoft AZ-204 exam then get ready to enjoy a raise. And if you haven’t given this official evaluation a chance then go for it in 2021 and reap the benefits next year.

  • Don’t let the skill gap kill you

The same Global Knowledge survey helped the world know that Certbolt IT professionals are struggling hard to keeping their jobs because of the existing skill gap. That’s because around 67% of IT pros admit that nearly 3-9 hours per week are wasted due to the lack of necessary expertise. In a year, it accounts for 520 hours per year.

At the same time, technology doesn’t stop itself from evolving and upgrading. But, specialists who forget to hone their skills deal with more stress and less productivity.

Therefore, Azure developers can prevent this from happening to them by attempting exam AZ-204 and succeeding in it.

The Verdict

To summarize, the Microsoft AZ-204 exam is a hit in 2021 and can be used to leverage the career of an Azure Developer. If you have already set your aim at it then enjoy a huge round of applause for making a good decision. After all, with the obtained Microsoft certificate, you will not only increase your professional capabilities but also get a chance to brush up your knowledge and become more productive.


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