Everyone in this game knows that if you want to become an owner of a dispensary, grow operation or manufacturing plant in beautiful California, you are eventually going to have to complete a CA DOJ Live Scan & Background Check. First step, get the BCIA form from the requesting agency.

Some agencies like Oakland, very proudly offer their Live Scan forms to be downloaded and printed conveniently from their website whenever and at whatever time needed. Even when it is during that 2:00am munchie mission to the kitchen that induces fantasies of owning a dispensary, or winning next year’s Cannabis Cup Honors…awe. Other cities however, guard their offerings and will only supply once you have completed their scavenger hunt, answered their questions and/or bugged them beyond their wits end!

So, what else is there to know about navigating the CA Live Scan process? You just go to any Certified Live Scan provider and complete the process, right? One and done, bam!

Yeah right? If only it were that easy!

In fact, for every location of every operation you may be interested in, you must complete the Live Scan process. For every location of every operation you may be interested in, there will be a different set of rules. For every location of every operation you may be interested in, there will also be a different Live Scan request form with a unique BCIA Number on it. So, start doing your research early and be prepared to go that extra mile, to conquer fears, and take new risks!

What about interested parties located outside of CA? Hope you like to travel!

Interested parties will definitely have to visit this beautifully sunny surfside to complete a Live Scan. More specifically, they will have to travel to the approved Certified Live Scan location required by the requesting agency. Many times, this means flying into a CA town big enough to have an airport and then, if necessary, driving into the yonder of a super rural town. Traveling along winding roads or through butt loads of our awesome traffic. And then to top it all off… having them completed at the local police department or sheriff’s office.


Although historically, the players in this game have generally tried to stay away from these places, it has now become a necessary evil. Polar opposites are now forced to play nice in the “green sandbox.” So, in conclusion, check with yo local agency, if necessary-check yo bags, and come on out to check yo self!