China Hemp Association Industry Annual Summit November 2019

Organizer:Heilongjiang Science and Technology Department / China Industrial Cannabis Industry Alliance

Co-organizer:Heilongjiang Provincial Office of Industry and Information Technology / Heilongjiang Agricultural and Rural Department China North Pharmaceutical Garden Industry AllianceHeilongjiang Academy of Sciences / Chinese Academy of Sciences-Changchun Branch Heilongjiang University of Traditional / Chinese Medicine Harbin Medical Sciences University / Yunnan University

China HEMP Association is composed of industrial cannabis cultivation, processing enterprises,equipment manufacturing, food and beverage, cosmetics, financial institutions, marketing agencies of industrial cannabis products, technological research and development and technical services. The main goal of the alliance is to establish a technological innovation organization that combines industry, education and research. To achieve a cooperation system, improve the integration of industry, education and research institutes of organized associations. Integrate the resources of industrial technological innovation and guide the innovation elements to gather to the superior enterprises. Promote technology integration innovation and industrial structure optimization and upgrading. The purpose of organizing international events is improve the level of cultivation, production, processing and market development of member companies in the field of industrial hemp industry, and extend the industrial chain. Together, we will break through the technological bottleneck in the development of industrial hemp industry and enhance the core competitiveness of China’s industrial hemp industry.

China is the main cannabis planting area in the world, accounting for about half of the total area planted. Of the 606 patents involving cannabis, 309 came from enterprises and individuals in China. Under the background of the rise of industrial cannabis industry, provinces have issued policies to support the development of industrial cannabis. In 2018, Heilongjiang Province introduced the policy. “Heilongjiang Hanma Industry Three-year Special Plan of Action (2018-2020)” lists the Hanma industry as a new growth target, focusing on delineating Qiqihar, Daqing, Heihe, Suihua and other dominant areas of Hanma cultivation.The overall goal of the Plan of Action is to build Heilongjiang Province into the largest hemp industry base in China and even in the world by 2020, with 70,000 napping hemp peel deep processing capacity, 10,000 tons of hemp seed deep processing capacity, 10,000 tons of leaf and flower deep processing capacity, and 300,000 tons of stem and core comprehensive utilization processing capacity initially forming hemp cultivation. Fiber cone processing, deep development of seed mosaic leaves and comprehensive utilization of stalk core are the whole industry chain of hemp planting and processing system.

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