CLAS is the non – profit association for law students and academics throughout the US & Canada who have taken cannabis related courses or are interested in cannabis / hemp /CBD and legal issues.

CLAS Welcomes The Following To Join The Association – Memberships Are Free

  • Current Students
  • Graduates
  • Post Grads
  • Academic

What Can CLAS Do For You

CLAS helps future cannabis/ legal professionals communicate and contribute in a secure membership environment at no cost

CLAS will be providing online and real time webinars and events designed to inform, educate and connect cannabis legal and professionals

CLAS will be presenting an annual connection event

Our membership area allows individuals and groups to form their own CLAS Sections within the password protected members area and we provide advice support to help you build your own networks

CLAS will be working with online education providers to create webinars, tools and information for those pursuing legal and professional careers in the cannabis / hemp / cbd sector(s)

Who Supports CLAS

CLAS in a non – profit supported by

Law Firms, Cannabis Companies etc can request to join the group

Please contact us for more information (