CO Marijuana Enforcement Division Update – New Enquiry Forms To Hopefully Make Communication Easier

At MED, we are proud to announce a new process replacing our MED inquiry email, which we hope will make your lives easier. Starting this week, we will be sunsetting the MED inquiry email and moving to a new and improved MED Inquiry Google Form. For continued access to the form, please bookmark the link on the Contact Us page on the MED website.
This re-imagining of the inquiry process has been put in place to streamline responses and increase efficiencies. These improvements include:
  1. Reduced turnaround time for an accurate response to your inquiry.
  2. Direct access to MED’s subject matter experts. We will automatically find your expert based on your question, so there’s no need to go hunting for an answer.
  3. Finally, you might not even have to wait for a response! Resources and links with answers to Frequently Asked Questions are embedded throughout the form.
During the transition – we want to hear from you! If you have questions or feedback about the new form, please contact or reply directly to this email.
The Marijuana Enforcement Division

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