CO: Polis Sends Letter To Biden “encouraging his administration to move swiftly to reschedule cannabis at the Federal level.”

To All Interested Parties,

On behalf of the Governor’s Office, we are pleased to share that Governor Jared Polis is sending a letter today to President Joe Biden encouraging his administration to move swiftly to reschedule cannabis at the Federal level. Last week, Health and Human Services (HHS) recommended to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III drug.

In his letter, Gov. Polis urged that the Administration not let up and continues to make incremental and progressive change, especially in regards to support for access to banking for the state-regulated marketplace, reduced criminal penalties for possession and distribution of cannabis, addressing immigration related consequences and enforcement discretion from FDA. Gov. Polis has continuously called for the federal government to remove barriers facing the marijuana industry that would grow small businesses, create jobs, and improve safety within the industry. 

Letter to 2023.09.05-GovPolis-President Biden-Letter -Scheduling Reform

Colorado continues to be the gold standard of cannabis regulation worldwide thanks in large part to the continued collaboration between the state, the regulated community, and advocates. As a champion for legalized cannabis for over a decade, this letter is the latest example of Gov. Polis continuing to prioritize the evolution of cannabis regulation and Colorado leading the way.


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