Colombia: Susana Boreal member of the Colombian House of Representatives for Antioquia Says She Uses Cannabis Daily

El Planteo reports on the media storm that has subsequently entailed

Colombian Ambassador to Mexico, Moisés Ninco Daza, supported the statements by Susana Gómez Castaño ( better known as Susana Boreal ), member of the House of Representatives for Antioquia, about marijuana. At a board of directors, chaired by Congressman Alejandro Ocampo, for the regulation of adult use cannabis, the president explained that she is a daily user of the plant.Of course, the acceptance messages and the hate they did not take long to arrive and « marihuanera » became a trend on Twitter because of it.

Colombian ambassador defends marijuana use

The great surprise came from the Colombian ambassador to Mexico. “ I am also a regular user of cannabis. Thus despite those who normalized to bomb children and stigmatized smoking a joint. Decriminalization and regulation are a fundamental part of the change in drug policy. Priority task of Latin American politics ”, he wrote on his Twitter account.



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¡De Frente! El Embajador de Colombia en México Dijo que Usa Marihuana Habitualmente

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