One issue, though,  towers head and shoulders above the rest. That of a credible financial system for the U.S. cannabis sector that satisfies both state and federal authorities, the IRS , Wall Street, customers, accountants, lawyers and the myriad of others who constitute the sector.

It wouldn’t be too farfetched to call the current (non) system a disaster says Larry Lipman, Alliance Financial Network’s founder.

Speaking with Attorney Brand of Ganja Law, he laughs, as the thought of such dastardly words used by the government against ganjapreneurs,  is like the pot calling the kettle black.  Brand says, the government can throw out whatever name calling they want, but at day’s end they are still the ones reaching way down into the financial pockets of the ganjapreneurs and taking their slice of the green pie by calling it “taxes” or “fees”.  If the government really thought such monies were “dirty” monies then by the government’s taking, I would consider such actions to be a conspiracy or criminal enterprise.  Now with Alliance Financial Network’s system, eXPO™ there is a legal “go between” with the government and the money originator.  The burden of verifying the money accountability is on eXPO™.

Last year it appeared that the task of building a financial solution for the US cannabis sector appeared  almost insurmountable, but 2017 has brought fresh thinking and complex range of new solutions to bear to this singular financial and legislative headache. 

Our solution(s), should bring nothing but smiles to state and federal tax and revenue employees. Says Lipman.

Blockchain solutions are currently proving popular as a way of solving financial issues in the US cannabis sector .with a number of crypto-currency concepts being mooted and launched in 2017  but the detail and integration associated with Alliance Financial Network’s  seed to banking system solution indicates that the future in the cannabis sector  is a system that encompasses the following.

“AFN endeavors to ensure compliancy, accounting and electronic bill pay, insurance, employee payroll, compliant legacy cash banking, commercial insurance and merchant services”

 eXPO™ , has been built by Larry Lipman , as a national private, financial institution registered with FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Network of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. 

 Their press release states.

 Alliance Financial Network is committed to working with bank challenged consumers and businesses through its electronic eXchange POrtal, eXPO™. While our electronic payments mobile APP works in several industries, we have committed eXPO™ to work with legal cannabis, on a national basis in compliance with guidance set out by state and federal government. Alliance Financial Network developed a 360 degree highly compliant system that works within a regulated environment. The system operates as a Non-Bank Financial Institution (Insurance Companies, Brokerage firms, Casinos and the United States Postal Service fall in the same category). A Non-Bank Financial institution can perform as a bank under the USA Patriot Act and the Dodd Frank Act, except taking deposits from customers. An electronic payment platform would be like PayPal, Venmo and Apple Pay. 

So, what services can they provide for the sector?

Lipman tells us, As a mobile and internet based Application, Alliance Financial Network is both a consumer and business membership facing portal for member partners. 

 The software, we learn, will process the following and manage specific issues faced by businesses currently working in the US cannabis sector,

Manages cannabis business at every level from business inception to CPA throughout the entire economy of the industry; patient/consumer to retail, business to business, business to government and outside of the membership, to electronically pay bills to non-members. .Alliance Financial Network is also mandated to file SARs reports to record suspicious activities per all registered financial institutions


Electronically Manage eXPO™ Credit

  • Consumer member to consumer member 
  • Consumer member to business member 
  • Business member to business member 
  • And all members to electronically pay bills within and outside the membership network. 


Track and trace sub inventory and inventory from seed to batch and batch to sale and onto the general ledger 

  • A complete 360-degree compliance system 
  • Track and trace plants and inventory that are written off 
  • Record and collect sales taxes for payment with summary and larger back up report 


Provide governments with a total operating system to cross check between inventory, sales and revenue 

Fee Collection. Allow investors, leasing companies and insurance companies among others to collect their fees without interruption. 

Members will also have access to the following services via the network


Internet Banking Services

  • Including electronic payment services; ACH, Wire and eCheck; 
  • Bill Pay 

Multimedia network

  • Studio produced commercials, both via APP to members and instore radio and video 


Commercial Insurance 

  • Property 
  • Equipment 
  • Business Interruption 
  • Worker’s Comp 
  • Professional liability and errors and omissions 
  • Director insurance or D & O 
  • Crop Insurance 
  • Auto Liability Hired and non-owned coverage 
  • EPLI – Employer liability insurance 
  • Employee Payroll – Member provided 
  • Lending services
  • eCommerce programs 
  • Credit and Debit Card Merchant Services funds acceptance 
  • Electronic inventory control by SKU 
  • POS and POS integration 
  • Member Network Marketplace 


For any business wanting to enter the choppy waters of the US cannabis market, the Cole memorandum, specific state legislation and a host of other legal compliance issues come into play creating a host of paths to be followed and rivers to be forged before achieving financial compliance that will satisfy all parties.

 Alliance Financial Network has, they say, in  partnership with Ganja Law, built the financial solution to guide new AFN clients through the federally tangled undergrowth that is compliance in the cannabis sector.

 Brand, states, “it is the dream and vision of Larry Lipman and Alliance a/k/a eXPO™ to make sure that all ganjapreneurs have a safe and efficient way of transacting business and spreading their money so that at day’s end the cash is removed from the market, the ganjapreneur is that much safer, and the government gets its fees and taxes by check or wire”.

 Our eXPO™ platform is built with the highest level of “sunshine” compliance in the Anti Money Laundering/ BSA industry and our compliance schedule is over 126 pages, says Larry Lipman.

He adds….

The overall program uses best of class software security and highest level of expandability within Amazon Web Service and was built with a programming team that has been together for over 7 years. The platform is built on a WAMP stack; Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP hosted on Amazon Web services and has an IOS for Apple App and Android Linux Kernal for the rest of the market. Although built with an average team size of 5 developers there are now 11 developers working on the technology systems and integrations. There are an estimated  35 man years or at $100,000 per developer over $3.5M investment, excluding design and architecture, processed by Senior executives at the platform development locations in the United States. 


Larry Lipman Founder Alliance Financial Network

Craig Brand Ganja Law