Pursuant to subsection 24-4-103(2), C.R.S., the Marijuana Enforcement Division (Division) is facilitating stakeholder work groups to discuss draft rules for the Division’s 2017 rulemaking session, for which the Division sought stakeholder participation requests.

The announcements for the following work groups are attached:

1.            Legislation Implementation: HB17-1367 (meets twice); and

2.            General Catch-All: Other Rule Updates.

We appreciate the interest expressed by stakeholders who requested to participate on a work group panel. Interested parties are encouraged to take an active role in the rulemaking process by attending work group meetings and offering verbal comments during the public comment portion of the meetings. Interested parties may also submit written comments to the Division concerning all rules subject to the State Licensing Authority’s consideration.


The Marijuana Enforcement Division

170728 Work Group Announcement_Leg. Implementation HB1367 Sept. 14-15, 2017 (1)


170728 Work Group Announcement_Catch-All Sept. 19, 2017