Colorado Has Officially Sold Over $1 Billion of Legal Weed Since the Pandemic Began

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Between March and August, the most robust cannabis market in the country moved over a billion dollars worth of legal weed — and that’s not even counting September sales.
A global pandemic and a major economic recession haven’t stopped Colorado’s cannabis industry from selling over a billion dollars’ worth of legal weed in only six months.

Between March and August of this year, Colorado dispensaries sold more than $1.1 billion of legal weed, according to the state Department of Revenue. This August alone, retailers sold $176.5 million of adult-use products and $42 million worth of medical marijuana, for a total sum of $218.6 million. 

Nearly half of this revenue was collected in July and August alone. In July, dispensaries shifted $226.3 million worth of legal weed, the highest monthly sales figure since Colorado began selling pot in 2014. And even though sales declined slightly, August 2020 still marks Colorado’s second-highest monthly sales record.

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