As we’ve said already the black market must be salivating at these bills..

Cannabis Dispensary Mag reports

Colorado State Rep. Yadira Caraveo isn’t sure how the draft version of her cannabis regulatory bill leaked ahead of the 2021 legislative session, but she’s eager for the debate to take shape. Among the legislative proposals is one that’s perked the ears of many in the industry: a 15% cap on THC content. 

KOAA reports: “According to Rep. Caraveo, 15% THC was selected as an initial figure because of data from other countries which shows anything greater than 15% can be concerning in terms of effects on the developing brain.” 

She acknowledged to the news station that the 15% benchmark is a “starting point” and not something that the industry should expect as the final word in this legislation. Hearings on the bill are under way, with more expected soon. 

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