8 June 2016

Marijuana.com reports

The students will not be able to possess or self-medicate, rather a primary caretaker may possess and administer the medicine to a needy student with a medical marijuana authorization.

The school district staff is not assuming any responsibility for the administering of the medicine, so the responsibility falls on the parents or primary caretaker of the child.

The bill, also known as Jack’s Law, states that “A school district or charter school may not discipline a student who holds a valid recommendation for medical marijuana solely because the student requires medical marijuana in a non-smokable form as a reasonable accommodation necessary for the child to attend school.” The bill goes on to say that schools are also not allowed to discriminate against children who require medical marijuana by denying them enrollment at the school.

Jack’s Law does contain a section that allows school districts to opt out if they are at risk of losing federal funding because of their cooperation with the law, however, the state has said they will reimburse schools for any federal funding lost.

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Rep: Johnathan Singer

History:  http://openstates.org/co/bills/2016A/HB16-1373/

House Bill 16-1373