Colorado State Attorney Introduces New Raft Of Rules & Regs On Edibles

Colorado State Attorney Introduces New Raft Of Rules & Regs On Edibles

There’s a detailed report  over at High Times ( see the link below)

The highlights are thus

  • All edibles sold in Colorado retail stores are now cut into pieces containing only 10 milligrams of THC each, with only 100 mg allowed per package.
  • One section of the emergency rules required edibles makers to “shape, stamp or otherwise mark products—when practicable” to be identifiable as containing cannabis outside of their packaging, but this requirement was postponed to allow the House Bill 1366 workgroup to develop a universal symbol and discuss how the new regulation would be implemented.
  • Now, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has revealed the universal symbol: a diamond shape containing the letters THC along with an exclamation point.
  • Along with HB 1366, House Bill 1361 makes further changes to the law, limiting the amount of edibles that customers can purchase in a single transaction.
  • Colorado residents are allowed 80 servings, but out-of-state visitors can only purchase 20 servings of THC. With a serving size determined to be 10 mg of THC.


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