27 October 2016

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Both OR and WA need to up their game on this front as both states legalization programs are as successful as their cousins in Colorado and the opportunity  for future service based companies as well as consultancies, law firms, lobbyists etc would also find natural homes in these NW states

The Cannabist write…

Since Jan. 1, 2014, Colorado has served as a laboratory of democracy.

Colorado’s government was the first on Earth to allow legal sales of marijuana to adults for recreational use, and plenty of eyes from outside its borders have closely observed this experiment unfold.

“The world is watching,” said Ashley Kilroy, Denver’s executive director of marijuana policy, “and we in Denver are going to get it right.”

As the state and its capital city craft complicated, yet fluid, regulations and navigate this uncharted territory, the world is visiting. From New Jersey to New Zealand, Florida to France, Portland to Puerto Rico, top-level officials from around the globe have traveled to Colorado to get a firsthand glimpse at the first place to open pot shops to all comers.

“My biggest takeaway was it definitely can be done,” said Pernille Skipper, a Danish politician who came to the state with other members of Denmark’s Parliament for a visit with Denver marijuana officials in 2014.

Skipper referenced how Denmark is trying to grapple with issues such as crime and drug trade in the commune of Christiania and the broader move of legalization.

“Colorado has been an example that, well, it can actually be done, and it can be organized and it can be done quite well, and it could be quite controlled,” she said.

Since 2014, national trade groups and government representatives from more than 60 cities, states, territories and countries had formal meetings with Denver and Colorado’s marijuana brass, according to lists provided by city and state officials. The majority of those meetings have occurred in 2016, which comes as no surprise since several states have marijuana legalization on their November ballots.

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