Come Work with the (Massachusetts) Cannabis Control Commission! …. “Executive Director”

They’ve been looking fro a while — I can’t imagine why nobody is putting their hand up!

nterested in public service, policy, and continuing to build a more inclusive cannabis industry in Massachusetts? There are opportunities available now to work or contract with the Cannabis Control Commission (Commission). Please share this information with your networks. We look forward to hearing from you!

Career Opportunities

Executive Director
Deadline to apply: June 15, 2024The Executive Director (ED) is the administrative head of the Cannabis Control Commission (“Commission”) pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 10, Section 76 (j). The ED is responsible for administering and enforcing the statutes and regulations regarding the Massachusetts marijuana industry and reports to the appointed members of the Commission. The ED executes on strategic priorities and develops an operational strategy to effectively meet the demands of the regulated cannabis industry in Massachusetts. The ED’s annual goals are approved by an affirmative vote of three (3) Commissioners.To learn more details about the position and the application process, please see the Executive Director Search webpage.

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