Connecticut: Eleven cannabis lawsuits filed against the state have been consolidated

The Hour reports..

Eleven lawsuits against the state filed by hopeful but denied cannabis producers and retailers, have been consolidated, according to a court filing this week.


Only one suit, filed by Farmington-based Core Cult LLC, has not been included, as the plaintiff “has not responded to requests” concerning the motion.

All of the lawsuits, now to be heard as one, allege the state’s Social Equity Council, which was charged with selecting Connecticut’s initial slate of cannabis growers and retailers, denied applications based on incorrect information and arbitrary interpretations of the law.

According to the motion to consolidate, applicants were denied because the Social Equity Council determined a “failure to meet the required criteria for ‘ownership and control’ of the business.”

Equity joint ventures, collaborations between financial backers and local individuals and entities that meet the state’s social equity requirements, can be considered if it is at least 65 percent owned and controlled by that social equity applicant, according to the council’s website.


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