Consumer protection warning: Holland Cannabis Company

The Cannabis Control Board is issuing a consumer protection warning for flower produced by Holland Cannabis (license number CLTV0057-01), due to a pending investigation into fungicide exposure.

The CCB has ordered that all sales of Holland Cannabis flower and prerolls be halted pending further investigation into myclobutanil adulteration of some harvest lots. While the CCB is recalling all strains while the matter is investigated, this does not mean that all Holland strains are affected.

Myclobutanil is a fungicide that can cause illness if ingested, inhaled, or smoked. Any person experiencing adverse health effects attributed to myclobutanil exposure should consult a primary care provider, secure the suspected product, and notify the CCB at [email protected]. Consumers with acute symptoms may also call poison control at 1(800)222-1222.

The CCB is not aware of any member of the public being sickened to date.

  • Cannabis establishments in possession of affected product should quarantine the product and must not offer it for sale to the public until further notice.

  • Consumers in possession of affected product should return it to the establishment from which it was purchased.

The CCB has confirmed that the following licensed retail establishments have sold Holland Cannabis flower or prerolls (this is not an exhaustive list as some retailers may have older Holland cannabis):

  • DePot Shop (Windsor) 

  • Kushies (Derby) 

  • 9th State Cannabis (North Ferrisburgh) 

  • Mary Jane Junction (St. Albans) 

  • Mary Jane Mountain (Montgomery) 

  • The Green Man (St. Johnsbury) 


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