ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office says that tests on products from two Houston, Alaska marijuana businesses show that the businesses were in possession of contaminated marijuana.

The report says

The office is now asking the public to surrender their products purchased from the establishments to licensed retailers for “proper destruction.”

“This is the first time contaminated products from pesticide and/or fungicides has been confirmed in Alaska marijuana products,” wrote Glen Klinkhart, the interim director of the Alcohol & Marijuana Control Board in an email to KTUU.

The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, or AMCO, says that products from the cultivator Calm N Collective and the retail establishment Houston Grass Station were contaminated with high levels of Myclobutanil, which is a fungicide, and Cyfluthrin, which is an insecticide.

Ron Bass, the owner of Calm N Collective did not want to comment for this story and his lawyer said that he is cooperating with the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office. Bass previously told KTUU that he believed that the product had been contaminated by a disgruntled former employee but that he was fully supportive of hold placed on his company’s products.

Klinkhart of AMCO said that no disciplinary decisions have been made against the cultivator or retailer.

“They have a right to due process and we are working with them and the Marijuana Control Board to establish what happened and who may be responsible, and what, if any penalties they may be facing,” wrote Klinkhart.

Both of those pesticides are banned under Alaska regulations, and in any case, any marijuana product that uses a pesticide or fungicide is required to be properly labeled. The products were put on administrative hold by AMCO in early November 2019 when the contamination was first discovered.

The public is asked not to consume any of the products from the outlets that they have, and instead, bring them to the AMCO office in Anchorage or to the other retailers listed below.

Locations for disposal of contaminated marijuana

  • Alcohol Marijuana Control Office
    550 W 7th Avenue, STE 1600
    Anchorage, AK 99501
    Phone: (907) 269-0350
  • Secret Garden Cannabis
    726 E 15th Avenue
    Anchorage, AK 99501