Contractors Allege In Colorado Lawsuit That Cannabis Lawyer Owes Them $126,028.40 On Labor & Materials For Hemp Farm Build

Sustainable Landscapes Colorado, LLC allege in a lawsuit filed 1 December 2020 that cannabis lawyer, Craig Brand, also for a period of time formally the In House Counsel at hemp processing company Folium Biosciences owes them over $US125 K in unpaid bills for construction charges at his now defunct hemp growing operation in Colorado




The suit alleges


As alleged in the original Complaint filed September 4, 2020, this case involves a breach of contract and the Plaintiff’s attempt to recover against both the contracting corporation, Space Cowboys, Inc., and one of the people involved in running that corporation,Craig Brand.
Apparently,SpaceCowboys—which is now dissolved—was engaged in hemp cultivation and cannabidiol production.
Mr. Brand’s single-member LLC, Ganga Law, owned a 37.5 percent interest in Space Cowboys; the balance was owned by other investors.
In February 2018,Mr.Brand allegedly solicited the Plaintiff to provide labor and materials to improve Space Cowboys’s farming operation in Loveland.
The Plaintiff then provided some $126,028.40 in labor and materials to Space Cowboys that Space Cowboys and Mr. Brand have refused to pay.



An initial motion was filed On September 22, 2020 and Space Cowboys answered that complaint in which Mr. Brand moved to dismiss stating that the Plaintiff had failed to state a claim against him upon which relief can be granted.


Mr Brand has stated that “Like the original Complaint, he contends,the Amended Complaint fails to state a claim upon which relief can be granted; therefore, the Motion should be denied as futile.”


The suit also asserts amongst other nuggets that

Mr. Brand was not authorized to practice law in Colorado and could not provide legal advice to the corporation ( Space Cowboys)


Which, if true, may cause further headaches at folium and it isn’t as though they haven’t already created enough of those for themselves already.


The suit also delves into further disputes between Brand’s Space Cowboys entity and a co-owned entity with Frank Geddes Space Punks.



We just hope Sustainable Landscapes Colorado, LLC  have plenty of Advil on hand as it looks as though they may have to do a fair amount of unravelling to get to the bottom of this well and when they do they may find a few pennies but not the $125K they seek.




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