Corporate Cannabis Starts To Issue Comments On Biden’s Announcements

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Ayr Wellness Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Khari Edwards

We are thrilled to see President Biden’s recently announced pardons for Federal cannabis possession, as well as the requests made to states to take action on this issue. This represents a major step in righting the wrongs of the past and amending policies that have negatively impacted so many. 

Despite cannabis being legal in more than two-thirds of the country, the ‘War on Drugs’ continues to fail our fellow Americans – disproportionately targeting Black and Brown Americans and disenfranchised communities. We often think of a criminal sentence as only the time spent imprisoned, but even after the sentence, people remain in ‘paper handcuffs,’ as their record follows them around, preventing access to basic necessities like jobs, housing and healthcare. These pardons will remove the paper handcuffs and empower people to have a fresh start, providing new opportunities for them, their families, and their loved ones and healing communities. 

Ayr is dedicated to being a positive part of this change, and as part of our core values, we seek to assist those who have been most harmed by outdated cannabis policies via our “Changing Legacies” program. We’re grateful to the many community partners we’ve worked with on these efforts, and look forward to today’s news allowing us to positively impact even more lives. 

NorCal Co-founder and CEO Jigar Patel

While this is a great first step, I believe more political pressure should be applied, and is needed in order to get President Biden to finally stand on the right side of history. This includes calling on him to immediately reinstate the Obama-era Department of Justice memos and guidance, enabling the Department of Veterans Affairs to write cannabis recommendations and changing the rules at Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Education, so that the rights of patients and consumers who live in areas where cannabis is currently state-legal are protected. The latter doesn’t even require Congress to act. Frankly, it is beyond disappointing that President Biden has not done more to protect some of the most vulnerable veterans, patients, students and disenfranchised Americans, who have been unfairly treated and targeted for decades. While we commend President Biden on catching up with where two-thirds of Americans have been – there is a lot of work yet to be done.

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